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Reading January 8th 2022

Odd combination today!

my first impression is that if you have a strong bond with your child or children or if you are a child it can mean with a parent, it is more than just a normal relationship. It is indeed a very spiritual link.

I feel it represents you could of had a similar relationship in your past life, but the roles you played could have been reversed. Parent, child or child, parent.

If you are the type that has a great deal of need to nurture your parent as if they are a child, because of any reason then it’s probably linked to a role you played in a Pastlife. Reliving the role in some way. If you are a parent and feel your child just won‘t take on the role that you want them to, it could be because it’s not a natural role for them.

This can be because they feel stronger as the adult and not the child.

It does however make your link stronger with them. This is also linked to the life and spiritual journey we must all live. Like a plat in time linking spirt and living together and intermingling.

You are both special souls and nothing will ever break your bonds even if life is difficult, you will overcome. Xx

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