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Reading January 3rd 2022

Your dreams hold infinite possibilities but the seed must be planted. Learn to anchor your visions and ground them into your everyday life. All seeds can grow into the potential you need. make them part of your presence in the hear and now.

You are being asked to use energy grounding like the roots of a tree, once the intention is set then it can’t be moved. Sit under a tree, feel your roots growing downward and set the intention in the roots. Connect with the planet and know that once the intention is set in the earth there’s no moving it. Just like you know that there is no way you can move a trees roots. You have no doubt that they are there growing but you can’t see them.

Good way to start the new year. Xx

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1 Comment

Jan 03, 2022

Absolutely! Thank you hun 🙏❤️

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