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Reading January 1st 2022

Happy New Year Everyone. Xx

Todays reading is about emerging!

Not only are we embarking on a new day and a new year, we are embarking on a new sense of change with anticipation of life getting better.

You are being asked to emerge today and look forward to everyday that comes after. No more looking back. If you couldn’t fix something maybe it can’t be fixed.

You are being given success, joy, love and happiness. Just like a book, each page you turn will bring a new chapter and you are being encouraged to keep going until you’ve finished each event that is to come, but this year is about optimism as you can re-write the pages yourself.

Please know that you are in the power of your own destiny and that you are really the one in control of your own life.

I do hope you take advantage of all the opportunities you have to come and find all that you desire.

sending you much love and blessings on this special day.


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Jan 03, 2022


Kirsty Cowley
Kirsty Cowley
Jan 01, 2022

Happy New Year, blessed be x

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