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Reading for September 8th 2023.

The healing card is Creativity.

Time to use your creative mind and express yourself. You are an original person and may not feel you want to swim with the masses any longer. Expansion is the key for you now.

Todays tarot is asking you draw a line with the past in someway.

Time to let go of those deep feelings of sadness and isolation. Others may have made you feel cut off and abandoned. They may want to stay in an emotional past, let them. It's time for you to break free.

I see you walking away, won't be easy, but you will be in control as you have a new beginning. You have major success coming with work and professional ideals now. Anything on a commercial level is wonderful. Your a people person, so frontline work is perfect for you.

You might cause a few shocks with your unpredictable behaviour, but that's what's called for to bring the changes.

You do have support from someone who wants you to stand up for yourself.

Have a lovely week. Xx

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