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Reading for June 9th 2023

Todays healing card is Dreams.

This represents that you can get messages, sign, symbols and guidance from your dreams.

Don't ignore what you see or feel when sleeping as your intuition could be higher in sleep. This is because your subconscious mind is not hindered by daily life.


Time to look at your health options and build yourself up because you could be busy in the future.

If you've been feeling lost and out of sorts, then try to be more positive because You may have two choices in love at the moment.

I'm not saying your want either but please consider your options.

A strong and sweet talking person may try to flirt with you. They do have a romantic nature but could exaggerate their views to win you over. You may not want to follow this up if your intuition says otherwise. It could be fun and loosen some of that wall you've built, so just go with it without getting to serious.

There is a person from the past that might still need you around but they are changeable and in consistent. Yes they are lonely but they are not claiming to have an underlying love. They could be looking for the security someone could provide.

You might take pitty on both, only do what's good for you. Xx

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