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Reading for June 24th 2023

The healing card is Action.

When this card is show, it's time to take action. To preserve and move forward. It could take some personal discipline but it's worth the effort.

Second healing card is Faith.

Keep the faith in yourself and the universe because you will move forward. Have faith in the now and the future without being afraid of what's to come.

The Tarot.

Time for a rebirth, so let go of isolation and depression. Keeping one's faith is difficult but, logical thinking can show you the way.

Loneliness has been the problem for many, but that can change if you personally need it to. The reading shows you being very logical and romantically creative, so use some of your talents on yourself.

The security your seek is within you and if you can push yourself a little you can make big strides. Just keep the faith in yourself and you can find the happiness your looking for.

This is a time of intuition and direction. You will find the path your seeking and it may seem a long road but, it's definitely worth pursuing.

Don't let life beat you. Xx

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Thank you. X

Eileen Knight
Eileen Knight
Jun 25, 2023
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