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Reading for July 22nd 2023

The healing card is Communication. You are being advised to say how you feel, open up or share your views. This can be with an earthly connections or with the spiritual world. Either way, there are those that wish to hear what it is that you need to say.

The tarot.

There is a new beginning in life coming for you. A new direction and security with money is beginning shown. You may need to sign a document to secure the future.

Don't rush in and choose the first thing, take your time and don't let others make you feel guilty because its your future not theirs.

New people or a new person is also shown and you will be loved by many. So, time to put the past behind you now and make a wish.

The past has been very difficult and not many people actually know what you've been through.

You could still be feeling a bit lost but, you are strong.

You will have security and a loving companion in the future. Xx

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