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Reading for July 10th 2021

Time to trust

yourself, as you will be over coming some personal issues to do with the past.

The time is right for you to grow. Your intuition will start to get stronger but, you must ask for some spiritual help.

Your wish to be more fulfilled in all areas can and will happen.

Set your intention for what you want as success in all areas is foretold. Love, clarity and happiness is coming for the taking.

BUT, you are being asked to cut the cord to past emotional issues. These are things that keep occupying your mind and fill you with fear. The things you simply can’t go back and change.

miracles can and do happen, keep the faith.

How to cut the cord……

Put some relaxing music on and sit in a quiet place. Relax your body by taking some deep breaths into you stomach. Each time you exhale feel your body relax. Do this until you get the flow.

visualise a blue healing light and start to breath it in. Let it consume your whole inner body. Take the light from head to toe and finger tips.

Just keep working with it. Allow the cords to grow from your body. As many as needed. Each cord is a situation or problem. Ask Archangel Michael to come forward. Try to see him in all of his spender. Give him permission to cut each cord for you. See him raise his sword and cut each one in turn. (If he is unable to cut some of them, it means your not quite ready at the moment to let it go).

Feel the heavyweight lift from you bit by bit. when you feel you’ve finished this, allow the light to surround you for further daily protection.

Thank him for doing this task and ask him to help you again in the future if needed.

We all collect emotions that can stick to us. Try this process once a week until you feel free. But, It could benefit you to make it a monthly practice to keep everything clear.

I hope this helps you all. Xx

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