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Reading for January 27th 2024

Botanical Insparations

Lilac, first emotions of love

Gladiola, strength of character & mortal integrity

Glaxinia, love at first sight & proud spirit

Hibiscus, beauty and happiness

Yellow rose, enthusiasm & friendship

New beginnings.

It seems that some of you are about to fall in love. Yes, love at first sight could be just what you need because you may not trust anything else. It's a time to let your true emotions show and it can help you heal the past that you have been struggling with.

The tarot is the past.

I'm about to describe is what you need to move forward from?

Your past life, past person or past security is now gone, but you have an emotional problem letting go, yes your healing but it's time to move forward now.

You could have been very successful together and shared a lot of good times, but the other person always found fault with everything. There might still be conversations with them but, as time has passed you have both changed and there is no going back.

You have the chance to find true love, no matter your age. You also have an opportunity for new work adventures. Please look forward and take a chance on yourself.

2024 is all new and you can get what you want. Xx

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