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Reading for August 12th 2023

The healing card is, Visulisation.

Take some time out and imagine yourself in a place or time that would make you happy. Really focus on the colours, smells, voices, faces and anything else that can make the experience real. Do this as often as possible to manifest your hopes and dreams. Let your imagination become a reality.

The Tarot.

There is a person around you that has a fantastic sense of humour. They seem to be trying to get your attention but, they could be a little shy also.

You will find them to be loving and kind with a gentle soft side.

The reading shows your intuition and knowledge of human nature will help you to distinguish who this person is. Listen with your heart and feel the other person's intentions.

They could be going through some trauma and trying to deal with a past event. I know they have been very hurt but, they are willing to find a happier life.

If this is something you also want, then your both find away. There is magic, obligation and romance shown if you proceed. Yay xx

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Thank you 🙏

Eileen Knight
Eileen Knight
Aug 14, 2023
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