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Reading for 2nd August 2023

The healing card is Action.

You are being asked to jump into action because now is a fabulous time to start something important. You will need to preserve and discipline yourself to achieve your goals. There could be new learning, so stay motivated once you start on this new path.

The Tarot.

If you've been feeling a little lost and sad inside your soul, you are going to find yourself very soon.

You are going to receive some luck and inspiration. There could be professional or spiritual learning coming for you, this will help you to feel complete in some way. You may not think you've got the strength but you have, don't give up. The reading also shows big improvements with your health and stamina. You might be surprised how well your do.

You've been through a time we're it feels like others have not supported your needs or they may have let you down in someway but, you've now proven to yourself that you can overcome anything, well done. You've worked hard and come through the challenges and now karma is judging you in a positive way, fabulous news.

There may still be a person around you, zapping your energy but, you still have to move forward, so don't give in to their negativity. It seems that they want your attention and that's fine. Be clear about your needs, roll up your sleeves and get on with your goals. They just have to learn that you need a life too.

Try to encourage them to motivate themselves also, good luck with that though!!

Have a fabulous week deciding your next move. Xx

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