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Reading for 1st March 2024

The healing card is Visualisation.

Time to focus your imagination on what you need or want the most. You have the ability to manifest your dreams. Draw in the purple and green light to heal the past and help you connect to your higher self.

See and feel the change taking place and in reality it can happen.

Todays Tarot

You have the world at your feel but, due to feeling insecure you may not realise your success.

Keep moving forward and don't give in to fear. You have accomplished so much knowledge and it has made you an independent strong person.

Let an issue go from the past. This is seen as another person interfering in your life. Bypass it now and move forward because if you feel resentful it will way you down.

Negotiations and paperwork will be completed within weeks and you can draw a line on the past.

Find your inner strength because at the beginning of summer you will also start a positive new phase.


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Sally C
Sally C
Apr 09

Hey Eileen, I've just read this post, and it was spot on for me. I was attacked in February for the fourth time by my NOW ex, who is currently on remand for the seriousness of the attack. Out of an awful situation, it has made me reevaluate how I view myself and the changes I need to make. It has also helped with changing job roles and looking at my souls purpose. Sending love and light.

Replying to

Sorry to hear this lovely.

I’m sure your come through to wonderful changes. Love and blessings to you xx

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