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Reading for 16th June 2023

Today's healing card is money.

Finances are going to work for you. It will help to put you in the power to control your destiny. You may feel like being generous to other people.

This car represents abundance.

Todays Tarot.

You have a lot of happiness coming and your sense of humour will overflow on to others. With the sun and Jupiter, again luck with money is coming.

There might be someone that is not really happy for you. This is because they see life as a setback and not an opportunity. They could be suffering with their health, so don't let them wear you down too. It might take them a long time to get over their issues.

You could make plans to move, you are secure as you are, but better things are coming. There is magic around you so use it. Believe and it will happen.

Have a wonderful week. Xx

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