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Reading for 10th July 2023

Todays healing card is called creation. You have the power to create your own positive changes. With positive thinking you make your own inner and outer world.

The Tarot.

There could be negative people linked to the home. Ignore the sarcasm and upheaval that it causes. You really are loved and you will all come through a time of stress.

A partner may be seeking support, but not actually saying what they need, they may not know!!

However, there is success for them or you, or both with work and the family unit. The partner may be waiting for a health diagnosis because we are shown that help is needed.

This might be the best course of action to get things sorted out. There could be concerns with finances but they too will be sorted.

With the full moon reversed, it can take four to eight weeks to get a solution, but it's coming.

Sending you a stress free month. Xx

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