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Reading February 16th 2022

This card is showing you that you have an Artist within you. This could lead you to exciting ventures, projects and ideas.

Self expression could help with balancing and healing your emotions. This is a time to let your true talents shine and express all that you feel inside.

Be creative without reservations, censorship or judgment by letting your inner child out.

There are endless ways to be artistically creative. Think about painting, sculpture, singing, dancing, musical instruments, writing, poetry and many other pursuits.

Use this time to be imaginative and creative. It’s good for calming the mind and healing the soul. Xx

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May you have a lovely day filled with calmness, love and reflection. Xx

2 comentarios

Jo Baker
Jo Baker
16 feb 2022

Had a go at connecting with my inner child yesterday. Interesting.

Me gusta

16 feb 2022

Singing a fair bit atm. Thank you. X

Me gusta
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