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Reading December 17th 2021

Apologies for missing a few blogs. I’ve been busy with other things. Hope to get back on track now.

Here is some Numerology for you!

Todays numbers are 5 and 6

Number 5 is Change, reminding you to think of life as an adventure. You are being asked to accept expansion, movement and change. Play your part in making your dreams come true as anything is possible. Don’t resist or procrastinate or you will block some wonderful opportunities.

Number 6 is Love, see the world through the eyes of love. Remember that love is the only true thing in the world. Connect with your soul and it’s love for you. Only through being open to love will you stop being limited by thoughts and beliefs that hold you back. You are being asked to adjust and harmonise with the natural rhythm of the world.

A wonderful time to sit with your own guidance and move forward. Xx

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Thank you x


Thankyou xx


Dec 17, 2021

Thank you.

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