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Reading August 23rd 2021

Love is in the air!

There is a strong minded person around you today that is seeking your approval.

(They are very independent and like to be in control of their own direction. Their strength could also be a weakness as they don’t always know how to approach a situation. They may seem forceful because they don’t like rejection). This could also represent yourself in some way?

However, they do have a softer side and love to be out and about enjoying life. They like people and socialising, good food and all the pleasures that life can offer.

They could of had setbacks with their health and it’s made them feel insecure, they hate being vulnerable. They could also be in the process of re-evaluating their future.

Looking on the bright side, they do have good things to offer.

If you have gone through a tough time, they can offer you some freedom from everyday life and you would also be good for them.

There is a healing process that you could offer each other. Although it might take time to get yourselves sorted, it could be worth it if you take things slowly.

I do feel that this could turn into a deep and caring relationship with time. You could heal each other’s past turmoils.


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23 ago 2021

Oh I do hope so ☺️☺️💗

Me gusta
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