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Reading August 17th 2021

You are now being guided to hear the voice of spirit. Just relax and get your mind in rhythm with your heart beat. Mentally ask your guides and angels to listen to you. Trust that your invitation will be answered.

Time to tap into the power of manifesting prosperity. Ask the goddess Lakshmi to let the river of prosperity flow to you and over you now. She will help you to secure the money you need. Visualise and affirm your wish.

If you have a female that you love in spirit, they can help you unblock your worries if you ask them for their help. They will support your positive thinking to unblock your negativity.

If you are having problems with other females in your life, ask your guides to remove all toxins associated with it.

Visualise what you want, the power of the mind is the most powerful tool you possess. You’ve been given it for a reason, time to use it. Xx

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