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Reading August 16th 2021

Time to focus on what you need and how other people can help you. If you’ve been struggling of late, remind others that your just one person and you can’t tackle everything on your own. You could be letting them of lightly and they know it! If you are direct in your approach with them they will have no choice but to help. Don’t make them feel that they will get it wrong, give them a chance to learn and you will feel less pressured. This brings freedom on both sides. Build them up and they will do the same with you. We all need to be appreciated.

To help you stay sane ! Play music and lift your energy levels as divine guidance will come to all who need it. Music can be the signal to your Angel helpers that you need their support. This is like pushing a doorbell.

They will answer the door! Xx


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Aug 16, 2021

Thank you 🙏


Thankyou xx

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