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Reading 14th July 2021

Time to break the apron strings!

This is for a son that is full of charm or a strong minded daughter. Either way a child that will fall on their feet.

They are going to embark on a new phrase and they will have a wake up call as to what to do.

It could be that they have tried to please others but they are being advised to think about their own needs now. If they are following a parents needs they may fail if they don’t follow their own hearts.

They have a great personality and they have a mischievous nature. They do get on with people and they are liked very much once they let the barriers down. They also have a brilliant and academic mind. I see great things for this person.

Their negatives can be that they isolate themselves to-much but they will be ok as new friends will do them good.

Love is also shown for them, this is a deep rewarding love, they just have to give themselves permission to have it.

A lot of growing up for this person but well worth it.

Time to let them fly now even if you worry about them. Cut the apron strings and see them shine. Xx

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14 de jul. de 2021

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