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Little Reading June 26th 2021

Matters of health! You may be feeling unwell today as there is an underlying health problem. Medical advise may have already been give, if not it’s coming soon.

Im feeling this is a physical Heath issue that may drag you down emotionally.

You may feel that you need to struggle on alone, but you don’t. Please don’t push others away as it will make them feel insecure.

There’ s being strong and there’s being stubborn!

If you push others away you will be the one who feels unloved and hopeless, but your not. It way cause problems later with them. This will be of your own doing.

There will be confirmation soon of the next health step by e mail or letter.

It maybe hard to get through the near future but, you can do it. Just don’t do it alone. Use the strength of others and revealing your darkest fears will help you to let go of unwanted negative energy in the body.

The healing process can then start. xx

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Happy Easter

May you have a lovely day filled with calmness, love and reflection. Xx


Thankyou some of that reading I could see me in it xx

Eileen Knight
Eileen Knight
Jun 26, 2021
Replying to

Sending a blue light to you lovely x


Jun 26, 2021


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