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Little Reading July 5th 2021

If you’ve had time out lately, you would of been in a deep but insecure mood. Spirit has been keeping an eye on you and all will be ok.

The judgments of others are important to you and they will judge you very positively. Don’t be scared to face them as in many ways they admire your courage. It may have felt that life has been against you, but sometimes it’s just our own thought that make you feel that way.

Gain your strength, don’t give in, get organised and get back on with things…. This could be paid work. Financial issues may occur if you’ve been off sick and that might cause an extra concern.

Female health might suffer due to stress and cause hormonal health issues. Please eat properly to stay strong.

Work stress will turn out ok and colleges will support you.

Everything in life is temporary so make the best of the positive changes.

You can do it. Xx

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07. Juli 2021

Eileen, once again thank you!! They are really helping me to make difficult choices xx💗💗

Gefällt mir

Hi Eileen,many thanks for this today...I can totally resonate with this reading😊Hope you are keeping well my lovely..Jacky,xx

Gefällt mir
Eileen Knight
Eileen Knight
05. Juli 2021
Antwort an

Glad it could help lovely. I’m fine, hope you are too xx

Gefällt mir
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