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Little Reading July 4th 2021

Quite a deep reading today.

You might be concerned about children or siblings. You are being asked to manifest happiness and positive outcomes.

Visualise others being happy and positive and settled in their lives. They might need your positive spiritual intervention at the moment. This is to difficult for them to do themselves.

You are being asked to forgive them for any trouble they have caused you or caused your relationship.

If they have interfered in your relationship, it’s time to start a new. Ask your partner to support your views right now because they do have a part to play in the future. They must also have forgiveness in their hearts for the change to succeed.

It’s difficult to make everyone happy when your in the middle of strife but, with some inner strength you can do it. Please realise that your in the middle for a reason, your the one with the power to say yes or no. They are the one’s that must listen.

Then take a step back from the stress and start to heal yourself. Allow others the same as they need to heal the past too.

Your find that big health improvements can happen for all of you. A staring point Is essential. Keep the faith and don’t give in to their needs until yours

are met first.

You or others might need to have a good cry, this is essential to releasing the past stress. Also hugs and cuddles can be better than words for healing, Allow your defences to drop and put your arms out to them. Miracles happen everyday and they can happen for you. Xx

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