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Little Reading July 2nd 2021

Healing with the Angels

Being in harmony with yourself is very important today. Please focus on your positives. Your humorous nature, your logic, your kindness to others. Find those things deep within yourself.

Its important that you look after yourself, as your body will feel the pressure from your mind. Aches and pains need looking at.

Relax your mind by meditating or simply find a quiet place, outside would be good for you if possible. Once your relaxed allow your mind to call upon your guides and allow them to send you love and harmony. Breath the air in and you will breath their energy in to you also.

You will start to recharge and it will allow you to express yourself to others. You have the integrity to deal with any situation and you bring harmony to those around you.

Please remember to balance yourself before you can balance others.

Blessings to you x

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1 comentário

02 de jul. de 2021

Thank you for a nice message today! O certainly will be trying to balance myself, so many things are dragging me me currently x

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