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Little Reading July 1st 2021

If your looking for a legal outcome, then it’s in your favour, in fact all legal issues look good today. You will hear from a very enthusiastic professional who has pushed the boundaries.
Your intuition is very strong today, follow that little feeling as your correct in your assumptions.
A child around you may not be happy, their quietness may turn to anger and frustration. They may not be feeling well, so a check up might be needed.
Commercial work looks good. You shine today if you work with the public. Your smile and bubbly nature put £ in the till.
If a partner has to travel for work, they might be stressed, luck is on their side. Things should go well.

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Happy Easter

May you have a lovely day filled with calmness, love and reflection. Xx


Emma Whitehouse
Emma Whitehouse
Jul 01, 2021

my girl was like that this morring ive keeped her off thank u


Jul 01, 2021

Thank you 🙏

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