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Little Reading 6th July 2021

If your feeling lost and unable to connect with spirt, it’s the fear of the future that’s blocking you. This is due the the past trauma you have experienced. Please don’t let this get the better of you because very soon you will start to put things into place. Your intuition is going to be very strong and your path will be clearer.

Your an independent person with so much strength that you will continue to overcome any challenges you experience.

Your finances are also safe for the future and you will build on that.

There might be someone that is very lost around you, they’ve also had it hard and could be emotionally stuck in the past. They have suffered a loss of some kind. They may be very changeable and let you down. It’s just because they seem to be going in circles at the moment.

For now, be your own boss, the independent master of your destiny as it will help you to heal.

success is assured by winter when everything is calmer.


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