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Five card reading 27th November 2023

The base chakra is bringing strength to you. You may be feeling worn out, either psychologically or physically and you need to look after yourself. Eat good food that will build your energy up.

Creativity is asking you to do something to make your mind happy. By using your imagination or doing something you are passionate about will give you some self confidence.

Dreams maybe stressful but may also contain messages for you. If your dreams are busy or hectic your being advised to slow down in the waking world.

Family is the need to belong somewhere, anywhere or just to feel in the right place for now. It may not seem that way. You do not need family to belong, just be with people who are on the same level as you. You will also give them a feeling of belonging too.

Crown Chakra is having a deep connection with your inner voice and that higher voice. As they both join together you will feel a sense of purpose and fullness. This is because you are no longer seeking but, you have found what you've been longing for.

The answer is- just finding yourself.

The Universe sends you much love and wholeness. Xx

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Thank you. Xx

Eileen Knight
Eileen Knight


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